Book out in February – Available for Pre-Order

Here are some early reviews of our forthcoming book, available for pre-order from Hart.

‘This book provides a rich and expansive addition to the feminist judgments catalogue. The essays and rewritten judgments demonstrate powerfully how Northern/Irish judges have contributed to the gendered politics of national identity, and how the narrow subject-positions they have created for women and ‘others’ could have been so much wider and more open.’
Professor Rosemary Hunter, School of Law, Queen Mary University London.

‘The Northern/Irish Feminist Judgments Project is inspirational reading for anyone interested in feminism or Irish studies from whatever discipline. It is a model of how to conduct feminist enquiry. Its most innovative contribution to scholarship and politics is how the rewriting of landmark legal judgements from a feminist perspective allows us to imagine (and therefore begin to construct) a more egalitarian, a more just, future.’
Associate Professor Katherine O’Donnell, School of Philosophy, University College Dublin.

If you let it, this book will make you think. 26 rewritten judgments, spanning diverse areas of Irish and Northern Irish law, each with a commentary, and all of this prefaced by a cluster of introductory chapters that are apt and engaging. It made me think – it reminded me, I suppose – that legal writing can be wonderful: rigorous, creative, deeply observant, provocative. Read it and see what it makes you think.
Professor Thérèse Murphy, School of Law, Queen’s University Belfast