Project Resources

In addition to our book launch events and teaching workshops this year, we have a number of project resources to share:

  1. A pre-publication draft of the introductory chapter to the book is available here as a useful link for student reading lists or to send to feminist friends and colleagues.
  1. We continue to update our website, to include a list of web-links to pre-publication chapter drafts.


  1. We have also compiled a new 4-page briefing document for the Project, available herein Issue 3(1) 2016 of the LSE Law: Policy Briefing Series. We are delighted to includeCarey Young’s ‘We are the People’ image in this publication.
  1. Hart have made available two sample chapters from the book. They are Aoife and Ruth’s chapter on the McGimspey case (ch 11) and Julie and Marian’s chapter on A and B (by C) v A (Health and Social Services Trust) (ch 30).